Miracle Thrift Story #112

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 5:42PM

If you are reading this, then you probably know how much fun it is to shop and find that awesome deal, steal and treasure.  But sometimes, miraculous things happen - especially at Our Thrift Store and this is one example of one of those miracles! 

This is Brenda Rummell, resident of Franklin, Tn.  She shops at Our Thrift Store every Saturday.  Upon a recent visit to our thrift store, she came up to the counter full of excitement for what she had just found!  This beautiful handmade doll - but it wasn't just any doll - it was HER doll.  

In 1989, Brenda began making dolls and in 1990 when her family moved to Franklin, Tennessee, she began selling her dolls at a Main Street Store called Patchwork Palace!  Her dolls became very popular and she began to get requests to make custom dolls, such as a Bride and Groom set and several UT dolls!  Between 1989 and 1993, she made and sold over 100 dolls.  These dolls were very detailed and Brenda did everything from sewing and stuffing the body, sewing the clothes and a very labor intensive process for the hair.  As life became busier with her children getting older, she stopped making the dolls,  all the while,  thinking she was going to make one more doll for her future granddaughter!  But somehow, that just didn't happen.  

On a recent Saturday,  Brenda was strolling through Our Thrift Store when she stumbled upon her doll!  A doll that she had made so many years ago.  A doll that she can one day give to her future granddaughter!  What was even more thrilling than finding the doll, was finding her in such beautiful condition!  Someone had obviously taken special care of this doll and she was almost perfect!  Brenda was so impressed that someone had cared for something that she had created.  It was truely a blessing.  And we are so grateful to be a part in that!