Why we are all here!

Why We are ALL Here - Sara The Matriarch

Friday, January 22, 2010 at 8:25PM
OK, it's time to introduce you to our matriarch - Our Daughter Sara. It was 2004 when we found ourselves trying to find a job for Sara who was graduating from High School. Sara had worked at different short term jobs with very low pay and no serious long term solutions. There was always hope when she started with a new job but the support necessary and required for gifted young adults disappears soon after the first day.As prayerful parents we knew God had a plan and a place for Sara and her gifts. We had NO IDEA that the Lord would not only answer our prayer for Sara but also for almost 20 other families prayers for their children by bringing into fruition " Our Thrift Store"

Meet Sara. Sara LOVES her Independence, loves her job and takes ownership of every task. She also VOLUNTEERS one day a week for a needy non profit to give back. Sara Loves and Cares deeply for others and is always friendly. Sara could easily manage other young adults because she not only knows the task needed to be accomplished but how to complete them. Sara enjoys home movies, music, church and her dog and best friend Lexi.

Sara is also a Prayer Warrior and spends much time praying for her friends at Narrowgate http://www.narrowgatefoundation.org/ as well as many other friends she knows or meets. Sara has an incredible memory and often wakes up to remind us it's someones Birthday.

Not a day goes by without Sara calling a Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, or friend to say hello or ask a question because she HAD to know or simply to touch base because it was necessary to her caring heart. Sara is our special gift and as her parents we could not EVEN put into words how we have been polished because of our Princess Sara.